On Thursday, the NFL announced plans to introduce position specific helmets. Although the helmet still needs to be tested by the league and the players’ Union before it can be put into use, the NFL says it is a great progress in helmet technology.

Vicis this week announced a helmet designed for frontline members. As the head collision between offensive and defensive frontline members mostly occurs in the front, the front of the helmet has added additional support.

NFL spokesman Jeff Miller said: “our goal is to have a better understanding of the impact of concussion and on the court at the same time as the helmet test, jerseys online and finally have a specially designed helmet for each different position.”

The alliance also shared data on head impact to help manufacturers develop new helmet technology to enhance safety.

Vicis worked with veteran defensive forward Justin Britt and young Seattle players to develop the helmet, which was released on Thursday. On the basis of the original zero 2, the helmet adds about 170g front support, and the rest of the design is roughly the same.

Miller said the league has analyzed all quarterback jerseys online concussion cases and will test new helmets based on this. The more frequent part of the quarterback injury is the back of the head, most of them are in the state of being captured and falling to the ground, unable to support themselves.