Washington football running guard Gibson hopes to boost New Jerseys sales in 2021 season.

Washington running guard Antonio Gibson is very satisfied with the team’s off-season reinforcement and said in an interview that the team has “a lot of weapons”. However, this does not mean that he will lower the requirements for himself. In fact, Gibson hopes that he can make up for the rookie’s regret: push the ball 1000 yards.

“It’s something I really want to accomplish [last year],” Gibson says. This year I’m going to try to surpass that number. ”

Gibson hit 170 times last season, pushed 795 yards and reached the array 11 times. Given that he missed two games with a grass toe injury, those figures could have been higher. The good news is that although both outside receiver Curtis Samuel and quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick may rush the ball when necessary, it’s no surprise that Gibson is the number one running guard.

“Last year was like a learning process for me.cheap jerseys from china ” Gibson said, “as the season progresses, the better I grasp the situation, and I start to improve.”