In his first interview after being cut off by the Washington football team jerseys, former first round quarterback Dwayne Haskins revealed his current top goal.

“I want to prove to the Steelers coach team and the team-mates how much I love football jerseys,” Haskins said. I’m grateful to have the opportunity to join here and show them that they have come back on track. I’m willing to work hard to show my talent and get a place here. ”

As the 15th show in 2019, Haskins’ career in Washington has been a twists and turns. Before being cut for violating the relevant regulations and working attitude of the new crown, Haskins started 13 games, only won 3 games, and scored 12 passes and was cut 14 times.

In addition to Ben roetlisberger, the current Pittsburgh Steelers jerseys quarterback squad includes Mason Rudolph and Josh Dobbs. Rudolph is the only Steelers quarterback who has a contract that will last until the end of the 2022 season. Haskins is likely to compete with him for the starting position in the future, but he says he is more focused on the moment.

“I want you to decide whether to give me a chance and I will do my best to train and convince people with my results,” Dwayne Haskins jersey said. Of course, I want to be a successor to dabben, but it’s all the next thing.