Outfielder Demaryius Thomas retired as a Broncos player

On Monday, U.S. time, the outsider demarius Thomas, who had been selected for the professional bowl five times, announced his retirement, ending his career in a less spectacular way.

Thomas posted a short video on Broncos’s official twitter, in which he only said a few simple words: “I’m Demaryius Thomas jersey, and today I finally decide to retire. I will retire as a Broncos player

Broncos will mark Thomas’ home opener against jets on September 26. As one of the two first round shows of Broncos in 2010 – the other is Tim TEBOW – Thomas played for Broncos for nine years, advancing 9055 yards in total, ranking second in the history of the team after rod Smith. In his 10 years of career, Thomas received 724 times, advanced 9763 yards and reached the array 63 times.

Thomas’ relationship with quarterback Peyton Manning is also a good story. In 2013, Manning set a single season NFL pass to promote the number of yards (5477) and reached the number of arrays (55) record, Thomas also completed 14 times to reach the array (career best).

All along, Thomas said Manning showed him the new elements of the game, so that he can improve his performance. Manning also said Thomas was one of the best takeovers he had worked with in his career. When Manning takes the children to the team training, Thomas is always the first Denver Broncos player jerseys online for the children.