Indianapolis Colts lineman Leonard is expected to renew his contract with the team with an annual salary of $19 million

On Wednesday, us time, according to ESPN reporters, Indianapolis Colts jerseys linebacker Darius Leonard is close to renewing his contract with the team. The contract is expected to last four years, with an average annual salary of more than $19 million.

This figure will also surpass Fred Warner, 49ers lineguard who renewed his contract on the same day, and become the highest salary among lineguards. Warner’s new contract is $95 million for five years and an annual salary of $19 million.

According to the NFL Network reporter, Darius Leonard jerseys online agent is discussing with Indianapolis Colts and intends to wait until Warner’s signing is completed before further promoting the conversation.

Leonard is a versatile player in the Indianapolis Colts’s defensive lineup. He can stop his opponent after the starting line or rush forward to put pressure on the quarterback when needed. In his 42 regular season career, Leonard completed 416 grabs and 15 kills.