The Chiefs cut off the defensive end forward Tucker Charlton and other players.

The change of Chris Jones’ jersey position and the growth of young players make the position of defensive end forward taco Charlton no longer stable.

On Monday us time, the Wholesale Kansas City Chiefs jerseys cut off Charlton and other players, reducing the number of players on the big list to the current NFL limit of 80.

Coach Andy Reid said: “taco will continue to play in the league. His ability is not enough to lose his job, but we are not suitable. These layoffs are different from previous years and need to be decided earlier. The decision was also difficult. I hope he can find a new job or eventually come back here. ”

Jones spent most of his time as a defensive end forward. Recently, he changed to a defensive interceptor and scored two catches and kills in two preseason games. The growth of Mike Danna and Tim ward also satisfied the Chiefs.

Charlton is the cowboy’s first round show in 2017. Before joining the Chiefs jerseys team, Charlton has completed 9 arrests and kills. Along with him were security guard will parks, offensive striker Bryan witzmann, quarterback Anthony Gordon and lineman Riley Cole.