On Saturday, us time, according to ESPN reporters, Cleveland Browns jerseys wholesale renewed his contract with Nick Chubb, the running guard, for three years.

The total salary of the new contract is US $36.6 million, including US $20 million security. In the past two seasons, Chubb has been a key member of Browns’s attack, pushing an average of 5.25 yards with the ball each time. In 2019, he will surpass derrick Henry by 47 yards and become the king of the charging code. Last season, Chubb missed four games due to knee injury, but he still pushed 1070 yards, ranking seventh in the league.

In Cleveland’s first playoff victory in 26 years, Nick Chubb jersey also contributed a key attack: he pushed 40 yards after receiving a short screen pass, completed a touchdown in the fourth quarter, and finally Browns won Pittsburgh 48-37.

Chubb would have entered the last year of his rookie contract. Now he and Kareem hunt, who renewed his contract for two years last year, will continue to stay in the team to contribute to Browns’s ground attack.