49ers cancel the rest of the off-season training program and mini training camp

Two days after two members of the 49ers jerseys online decided to cancel the off-season training program.

Kyle Shanahan, the 49ers coach, announced on Wednesday that the rest of this year’s off-season training program will be cancelled and the team size Mini training camp (originally scheduled for 6.15-6.17) will not be held.

Shanahan said the decision was planned before the injury.

“We’ve finished training.” Shanahan said, “I had planned to surprise them after the eighth training and take them bowling.Cheap San Francisco 49ers jerseys But after two injuries in the seventh training session, I decided there was no need to keep on training for another day, so the surprise was one day ahead of schedule

In Monday’s training, offensive forward member Justin skule and safety guard tarbarius Moore were reimbursed for injuries, and they were only three blocks short of the time of injury.